Siersmederij Robin Smeets

Blacksmith & Farrier

At the southern-most tip of Limburg

(the Netherlands) in a small hamlet called Stokhem, you can find the forgery of Robin Smeets.

When approaching the half-timbered farmhouse (ad 1590), you are greeted by the song of the anvil and the scent of the coalfire .

Upon entering the forge one sees the blacksmith, Robin Smeets, who indulges his creativity with hammer and anvil.

Surrounded by authentic tools and materials, one imagines himself, at the sight of the coalfire, back in time.

In the workshop you can see all kinds of forgings and one can hardly imagine that all this arose from crude steel.


It is here that life is given to the most varied forms, developed from a seemingly hard material but once forged, transformed into the most graceful creations.


What you behold here seems a little magic and remains....